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The archaeological site of Doliani occupies a low hill on the bank of Kalamas River west of the modern village of Geroplatanos, at the limits between the municipalities of Igoumenitsa and Filiates. It is probably identified with ancient Fanoti, center of the Thesprotian tribe of the Fanotians from its establishment in the second half of the 4th century BC until its occupation by the Roman in 167 BC. The settlement flourished during the Hellenistic period and the habitation continued almost uninterruptedly until recent years.

The hill is fortified with a strong double isodomic wall, which underwent multiple restoration and addition works during the extremely long-term habitation of the site. The arched main gate of the fortification is located on the northeastern side of the outer fortification wall between two rectangular towers, while three other gates were placed on the interior defensive wall.

During the late Classical and Hellenistic periods (4th - 2nd centuries BC) the settlement mainly extends on the top of the hill, where part of the ancient urban plan was revealed with successive construction phases dated from the Hellenistic to the Early Christian period (6th century AD).

After the 10th century, during the middle Byzantine period, a small cemetery church was constructed on the collapsed western tower of the main fortification gate and the ancient cemetery at the opposite foothill was used anew until it was transferred in the surrounding area of the church in the late Byzantine period. The tower preserved at the peak of the hill was also constructed during the Byzantine period.

After the Ottoman conquest a four-sided building with arched openings was built on the southern tower of the inner fortification as part of a larger building complex and was, probably, of a religious nature. In the same time the hilltop area was occupied by a small agricultural and stock-farming settlement that seems to have been gradually abandoned by the end of the Ottoman period.

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