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On the southern side of Igoumenitsa bay there are the building remains of a Roman villa. The building is of rectangular shape with peripheral wings around a central roofed room. The walls are preserved up to foundation level, while few parts of the superstructure remains in the southern and eastern parts of the walls. Some of the rooms were used as workshops, while others for accommodation purposes and had -today damaged- mosaic floors.

West of the building there a burial chamber has been excavated, inside which partial remains of three marble sarcophagi were found dated from the early 2nd to early 3rd century AD. The best preserved one -today in the Archaeological Museum of Ioannina- depicts scenes from the Trojan circle, while the cover of another one, ςηιψη ις exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Igoumenitsa, bears the sculpted reclining figure of the young deceased Antonius along with an inscription in Greek testifying his name and age.

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