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The building watermill complex in Margariti consists of two successive mills fed from at least two springs in the surrounding hills. The mills were tilled-roofed, one-room buildings, with a ground area for grinding grain and an arched basement, where there was a horizontal waterwheel initiating the grinding mechanism.

Two millraces, 25 and 60 m. long, carried the water to the two mills in natural flow. The water was then driven downward to the waterwheels through built-in slopping pipes. The lowermost and best preserved millrace is erected on successive arches and on its upper surface bears a slate-made flume. At the point where the millrace reaches the second mill is acquires a stepped form, so as to allow control of the water flow.

The mill complex was probably built during the 19th century, according to Ottoman coins found in the foundation of the lowermost millrace. The uppermost mill survived –in its final phase with a diesel engine– until the middle of the 20th century.

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