Explore the Municipality

Celebrations, Customs & Tradition

The best way to feel the local vibe, to blend in and to enhance the whole experience is to explore and understand the new culture. Prepare yourself for an overwhelming and liberating experience, witnessing customs and traditions that remain unaltered since antiquity and will certainly add a colorful splash to your visit.

Whether you are looking for an idyllic and homey Christmas destination to relax under the melodic sounds of children’s’ Christmas carols (kalanda) or a place to live in the fullest the spirituality of our Holy Easter, here you’ll recover childhood memories you thought lost forever.

Alternatively, if you choose to spend your summer vacations here, you’ll be lucky enough to experience what we, the locals, mean by “traditional festivities – panigyria”. Every summer, we gather around our beautiful chapels to celebrate and honor our local Saints’ Days. Stop by, blend in, join our dancing circle and feel the heart of Epirus beating in our rituals, till sunrise.

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