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Local gastronomy

One of the things that will make you want to come back here for more is definitely our flavorsome cuisine. Our region backs up its culinary reputation mostly from its regional specialties and seasonal delicacies. Prepared with meticulous care and love, as to draw all the flavors out of our freshest ingredients, we’ll offer you delicious dishes, genuine reflections of our culture and tradition.

If there is one dish synonymous with Epirus, it’s the pie. Counting as many as 178 (!) pies, it would be a major mistake not to taste one (or more), during your visit here. Incredibly rich and stuffed with a sweet or salty filling, we are pretty sure that you won’t find a version that you won’t like.

It’s hard to imagine what our region holds for you before you get here. All of our culture and tradition are served in our traditional dishes, deliciously prepared from locally sourced meats, vegetables and dairy products, with homemade pasta and extra virgin olive oil. Not much has changed from the way our ancestors did all this…

Don’t miss the chance to check them out on your next visit here!

Πύργος Ραγίου
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